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Data tracking and indexing

  • Outsourced data tracking and indexing solutions

  • Design of customised email reports, timely tracking new data release

  • Large MS Excel database design, set up and maintenance


Outsourced Equity Research

  • Provides comprehensive analysis across fundamental, economic and quantitative research to investment firms, helping them increase their research output and evaluate new investment ideas across markets​​

  • Our support ranges from basic assignments such as indicators watch and tracking, to more complex assignments such as customized research reports, financial modelling, valuations and forecasting

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Investment Research Outsourcing

  • Provides comprehensive analysis across fundamental, economic and quantitative research to both buy-side and sell-side investment firms, helping them increase their research output

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  • Helps investment bankers improve their productivity, cut costs and focus on core activities by taking on typical junior analyst functions and providing timely inputs.

  • In addition, our flexible business model relieves clients of high fixed-cost commitments and allow them to quickly scale the level of support depending on the market environment

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Outsourced Transaction Support

  • Offers high quality research, analytical and advisory support for any kind of transaction during all deal cycle

  • In this way, Private Equity & Venture Capital clients are able to focus on critical deal activities 

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Business and Financial Due Diligence

  • Supports investment decisions and corporate finance transactions by providing business and financial due diligence services

  • Team is trained to identify, understand, and communicate key value drivers, risks, and the opportunities that matter most to our clients

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Financial Modelling

  • Proficient with VBA / Macros modelling and can run very extensive sensitivities

  • Business plan preparation, Merger and Acquisitions, Capital raising , Structured finance (cash flow lending, portfolio of loans, securitizations), Financial restructuring, Credit ratings, Project financing, Investment evaluation, Capital markets analysis



  • Offers customized solutions for start-ups and established businesses to systematically address their business needs using globally accepted strategic tools and frameworks

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Presentation Support

  • Produces creative graphics from multi-format content, including text, presentations, spreadsheets, hand-drawn slides, and images

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